BREATHE RIGHT Original Nasal Strips 10 Small/Medium Original Strips

Breath Right Nasal Strips are the drug-free way to open your nose, relieve nasal congestion.

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BREATHE RIGHT Original Nasal Strips 10 Small/Medium Original Strips, open your nose for easier breathing at night, helps relieve nasal congestion.

How well we sleep at night can have a significant effect on our ability to concentrate and perform during the day. Adults need to focus on what needs to be done at home and at work, while kids need to pay attention at school. And for anyone whose sleep is affected by nighttime nasal congestion, the impact can be monumental. Getting good sleep is a process that starts long before you lie down. What you do—morning, day, and night—can greatly affect your quality of sleep. Here are some tips to help you get better sleep every night.

FOLLOW A ROUTINE Try to wake up at the same time each day—even on the weekends. This will regulate your body’s clock and help you fall asleep more effectively come nighttime.

LET THE SUN IN It's the body's cue to stop and start melatonin production, the hormone that controls your sleep cycle. The more natural sunlight you can get in the morning, the better.

EAT BREAKFAST Think slow-to-digest foods like oatmeal, eggs, plain yoghurt, or nuts. This will help reduce any reliance on caffeine and sugar throughout the day.

CLOSE YOUR BEDROOM DOOR WHEN YOU LEAVE Pets can drag dander, fur and pollen into your bed, potentially triggering nighttime allergies. For better sleep, make your bedroom a pet-free zone.

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