BLOOMS Super Kelp 75 Capsules

A valuable source of Iodine which helps to regulate the body’s metabolism. It also provides temporary relief from arthritic pain and helps reduce fluid retention.

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Bloom's Super kelp is one of the best-known sources of iodine which is important in regulating the body’s metabolism.

If you suffer from arthritic pain, this is a recommended pain reliever. Bloom's Super kelp helps the body in the reduction of fluid retention. There many Australians who suffer from iodine deficiency which contributes to goitre and Bloom's Super kelp have really come in handy to help the ailing people. In addition to iodine, Bloom's Super kelp is a rich source of other essential minerals such as zinc, calcium, magnesium, iron, etc. it also provides the body with Vitamin B.

Bloom's Super Kelp is composed of beneficial ingredients such as:

  1. Kelp extracts which are equivalent to 600mg of a whole dry plant.
  2. 150mg of the powdered yellow wrack dry plant. Less than 300 mcg of iodine.
  3. Bloom's Super kelp has no gluten, dairy products, lactose or any flavours or any other additives thus making it very friendly to vegans.

These capsules should be taken one tablet per day but if the fluid retention is not reduced after taking these capsules, you should seek medical attention immediately.

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Additional Information
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