BIOGLAN Superfoods 750g Chia Seeds

These products are based on abundant sources of omega-3, protein and fibre. High fibre content in the gastrointestinal tract creates a feeling of satiety that will help you eat less and maintain a healthy weight. Protein, a protein found in the product, helps the body absorb and digest and restore health after injury.

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The nutrient component in the particle that is extremely predominant is omega-3 rich, calcium, vitamins and other beneficial minerals.

BIOGLAN Superfoods 750g Chia Seeds are made from split seeds that are harvested directly from seedlings. The abundant omega-3 fatty acids protect against heart attacks by protecting the blood vessels of the arteries that help keep the heart healthy

  • Reduce cholesterol in the blood to prevent fat in the blood.  
  • Reduced sweet cravings, sugar stabilisation helps to treat diabetes effectively.
  • Support brainpower, enhance memory very well.
  • Maintain osteoarthritis, prevent osteoporosis.
  • Enhances resistance, strengthens muscles and tightens muscles.
  • Contains high levels of omega-3 to prevent heart disease.

There are many ways to use Bioglan Split Seeds. Seed Bioglan Superfoods:

  • Eat directly with daily dishes like seasoning into that dish.
  • Mix 1 to 2 tablespoons (10g) of split grain with filtered water or juice for about 10 minutes for the hatched seeds to be used
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Additional Information
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