BENADRYL Dry Tickly Forte 200ml

BENADRYL Dry Tickly Forte 200ml.

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Broadly speaking, coughs are either productive (producing excess mucus or phlegm) or unproductive (producing no mucus or phlegm). Chesty coughs and mucus coughs are productive, whereas dry and tickly coughs are unproductive. Mucus cough When mucus builds up in the chest, it can be hard to get rid of by coughing, so it’s helpful to have something that helps to loosen the mucus and relieve the feeling of tightness on your chest. A mucus cough can also be referred to as a chesty cough. Chesty cough Chesty coughs are caused by a build-up of phlegm or mucus in the lungs. The cough mechanism kicks in to try and get rid of it. A chesty cough can also be referred to as a mucus cough. Dry cough Dry coughs are caused by an inflammation of the upper airways caused by dust, foreign bodies or a throat infection. There is no mucus or phlegm produced. Tickly cough The irritated area in the throat produces a tickly sensation causing you to cough, even though there’s no mucus to cough up. Dry, Tickly Cough Liquid will give you effective relief from a range of symptoms. Use our cough liquid to treat persistent dry coughs. BENADRYL Dry, Tickly Cough is sugar free and provides temporary relief of irritating coughs Got an irritating dry, tickly cough? Use sugar-free BENADRYL® Dry Tickly Forte cough medication & get up to 8 hours of relief from stubborn dry, tickly coughs. Usage Advice Use this product: To relieve stubborn dry & tickly coughs To provide up to 8 hours relief Who can use this product Adults and children over 12 years Age Dosage Children over 12 years 2.5 ml Adults 3.75 mL How often 3 to 4 times a day. Do not exceed recommended dose in 24 hours. Shake bottle before use. Oral Liquid contains: Pholcodine 4 mg/ml This product also contains Sodium Benzoate and Saccharin Sodium. Does NOT contain sugar. Keep out of reach of children. Tighten cap after use to engage child resistant closure. Store below 30°C. Caution: If coughing persists consult your doctor. This medication may cause drowsiness, if affected do not drive a vehicle or operate machinery. Avoid alcohol. Do not use this product: If cap seal is broken or missing For children under 12 years Ask your doctor before use: For children 12 years and over If you are taking any other medicines to treat cough and cold
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Additional Information
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