Body Scrub

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Body Scrubs and body polishes are used to exfoliate the skin and lock in the moisture.

Regular use all over your body will leave your skin smooth and soft to the touch. Body Scrubs or Polishes buff away the outer layer of dead skin, dirt, and grime. Any abrasive materials are mixed with essential oils and massage oils to create an aromatic experience that works to refresh your skin. When the dead skin is buffed away, the fresh layer of skin underneath is exposed, leaving you feeling and looking rejuvenated. Your skin will look healthier and feel smoother. Follow with a body lotion to moisturise and help protect the new layer of skin.

Exfoliating is great at stopping the progressive signs of ageing, such as wrinkles and crow’s feet. It is an essential tool to keep your skin fresh and young.

Massage a great body polish into the skin before your shower and add a moisturiser after, and you will really see and feel the difference. Finding a nice relaxing body polish or a body scrub is easy with PharmaDeal. This refreshing and luxurious spa activity is perfect for rejuvenating the skin and leaving you feeling invigorated. The exfoliation process will expose the skin that is soft, shiny, and moisturised.

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