INFACOL Sugar Free Wind Drops 30ml

An effective method of treating wind in babies and infants.

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Product Description

INFACOL Sugar-Free Wind Drops 30ml has an active ingredient, Simethicone, that can make the small bubbles of gas in baby’s stomach to join together into one large bubble which can be quickly and easily expelled.

Use syringe provided to measure dose accurately. Insert the syringe into the bottle and gently pull the plunger up, drawing liquid into the syringe. After use, replace the cap and wash the separated syringe parts in warm water and allow to dry(do not boil).

1 month to 2 years: 0.2 ml added to bottle or directly into the baby’s mouth before breastfeeding. After feeding, wind infant normally. Ask your pharmacist or doctor for the first time in infants under 6 months. Do not exceed 12 doses per day.
Over 2 years: 0.4 ml given four times daily(after meals and at bedtime). Do not exceed 12 doses per day. Should no relief be obtained, consult your doctor.

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